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Paivapo Publishers is the brainchild of author Zukiswa Wanner. Despite believing herself well-read, Wanner realised that she was ignorant of much of the literatures from Africa and its Diasporas unless otherwise translated into English. Anxious to read literatures she did not have access to, she set up a website for free short pieces with her friend and fellow author, Mexican writer Luis Felipe Lomelli. The wordpress site, www.lashamba.wordpress.com brought stories from places and writers previously unknown but a writer herself, Wanner knew in the long-term it was unsustainable and she would be in danger of going back to only having access to literature in English. Further, Wanner was keen to make more children’s literature available in mother tongue. Together with her college friend and changemaker extraordinaire Nomavuso Vokwana, Wanner set up Paivapo Publishers in 2018.

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